Private Projects

Comprehensive housing rehabilitation in Granada

Comprehensive rehabilitation carried out by our team, where the roof was completely rehabilitated, structure reinforcement and interior comprehensive reform.

Renovation of a flat in Granada

Interior design and comprehensive renovation project for students in Granada. In this work we reorganize the rooms for a better performance of natural light and the functionality of the distribution and materials was studied, to increase their performance when renting to students.

Restoration of the Casa Colora Granada facade

Facade rehabilitation project for a building known as Casa Colorá (Granada), located at the foot of the Alhambra and with serious problems of capillary humidity that affected the load-bearing walls. Our work consisted of cleaning and repairing the affected areas, in addition to applying a lime plaster, allowing the wall to breathe and preventing the… Leer más »

Complete rehabilitation of housing Peligros

Interior design and comprehensive rehabilitation project of a single-family home in Peligros (Granada), with the installation of underfloor heating and integration of various spaces such as living room-kitchen with influence of Industrial / vintage style

Refurbishment of Basement in Granada

Conditioning of the basement as a multipurpose room of a single-family home in Granada, taking advantage of all possible spaces for storage and enjoyment of space for the family.